Virtualization of z/OS test services

Less hardware necessary thanks to an original technology!


  • Simulate the behaviour of real components and services implemented under z/OS and activated by composite applications, thanks to virtual services available freely and any time.
  • Virtualization encompasses also execution parameters such as the current date or the connected users.
  • The level of these services can be as well the company as a specific application.


  • Stability of test cases.
  • Asap testing by developers, even if the real z/OS service does not exist yet.
  • Reduction of tests duration as virtualized services remove the necessity for availability and accessibility of components and services implemented under z/OS.
  • Rationalization of the company’s test process by providing several teams with virtualized services simultaneously.
  • Optimization of infrastructure costs through resouces tailored to strictly match the needs of the virtualized service, without having to build environments the size of the entire application.

Several use cases

  • Virtualization of a z/OS service used by applications outside z/OS.
  • Virtualization of a z/OS service used by z/OS applications.
  • Replay without restraint when performing regression tests for a technical migration project.
  • Project for migration from z/OS to UNIX keeping COBOL programs.

Example: parallelization of developments

  • No need to setup a full environment in order to test the presentation layer of an application.
  • RECITAL operates at the level of called services and sends all answers to questions received.
  • This allows for not awaiting the end of new z/OS developments in order to test the presentation layer.

Virtualization of test services by RECITAL

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