Technical specifications

RECITAL, a tool that integrates into your environment!

Characteristics of the applications tested with RECITAL

  • DDLs: Cobol, SQL, XML, Swift, EDIFACT
  • Treatment modes: batch, online, asynchronous, deferred synchronous
  • Data handling: RDBMS, Files, MQSeries
  • OS : z/OS (IMS or CICS), UNIX, Windows

Integration into the Testware

  • Connectable to market tools such as HP/ALM or freewares of the same kind.
  • Traceability from requirements to tests is therefore provided through linking of RECITAL campaigns to test plans.
  • You also get the results of the automated tests in the test plan.

Internal characteristics of RECITAL

  • Web user interface
  • Online help
  • Integrated / connectable access rights manager
  • Integrated parameter tables manager

Software installation

  • COCKPIT module comprises a lightweight client software compatible with most popular web browsers. It uses the customer’s middleware (existing or chosen).
  • DATA and TOOLS modules operate on UNIX or z/OS (IMS or CICS) systems with ORACLE or DB2 RDBMS.
    The database used by RECITAL is secured in accordance with the customer’s regulations.

RECITAL technical architecture


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