Shortened testing cycles

Never choose between quality and meeting of deadlines anymore!

Test from the very beginning of development

The dedicated execution area simulates all the exchanges of the system to test with the other parts of the information system of your company and of the outside world.
Unit integration or regression tests can be performed on the application from the very beginning of development .

Test as much as you want

You test as many times as necessary, without having to input again any test cases (no “burned” test cases) in full independence.

Deliver hotfixes with limited risk

As soon as it is corrected the application can be tested for non-regression.

Forget scripts and their maintenance

No execution nor data script to write or maintain.
The test processing bot operates by only using the application and campaign parameters.

Do not rely on others anymore

No more unavailable test environments or delayed developments to await for.
The isolation of the system to test makes developers and testers independent.

Shorten development durations while improving quality

Immediate replays in unlimited number provide you with unparalleled performance.


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