A profitable investment

Measure the profitability of your investment!

An investment for the application and all its further evolutions

  • Sustainability of parameters set during creation of test campaigns.
  • Cheap maintenance of parameters through addition along with successive versions of the application.
  • Building of test cases through input / import (if new functionalities) or automatic capture (already existing application).
  • Test cases automatically stored as new test assets after tests are completed.

Benefits of using RECITAL

Quickly reached ROI

  • Number of possible test executions up to several hundreds if necessary, within the time allowed.
  • Number of automatically compared data (observed vs awaited) up to several millions
  • Maximum time saving can be used for analyzing and correcting defects.
  • In project mode
    • ROI reached during project
    • Reuse of test campaigns of a project for regression tests before launching, following change requests and corrections during or at the end of the project.
    • Delivery of regression test cases of the future versions along with the tested application.
  • On running application
    • ROI reached when second version is tested

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