Optimized testing workload

Forget finesses and do not postpone tests no more!

Speed up final reception phase

From the beginning of the development phase it becomes possible to process tests using acceptance test cases.

Build functionally rich test cases

The capture of reference test cases in reception or qualification environments is fully automated.
The extent of coverage of test cases is decided solely using functional criteria with no impact on staff workload.

Parallelize the work of your different teams

RECITAL can manage several applications and their successive versions in a unique testing area.
Teams are independent from other actors (IT, users) and also from each other.

Do not loose time because of false differences

As the successive replays are performed in the same conditions they produce the same results:

  • no false differences coming from the instability of the test environments between executions,
  • no heavy adaptations of the test cases for each version.

Share tests between companies

For a multi-company application you can capture the test cases of each client company, consistent with the target parameters, then inject them into RECITAL unique testing area.
That way your client companies take profit of functionnaly complete tests before delivery.

Reduce your costs and improve quality

The extent of functional coverage provided by automatic capture gives you an incomparable performance.

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