Testing software


» Never choose between quality and meeting of deadlines anymore

» Do not postpone tests to next phase no more

» Forget finesses for your regression tests

» Do not waste your human and material resources anymore

» Measure the profitability of your investment

» Quality up, durations and costs down

RECITAL, a new generation of testing software, that industrializes the whole process of your functional tests:

  • building of test cases: RECITAL sets up a continuous chain for building test cases, from individual tests up to end user reception, especially with their automatic capture in functionally rich environments,
  • test preparation: RECITAL automatically sets up the test data and the execution context of the treatments,
  • test execution: the tests can be re-executed at any moment, independently from the other actors, the other applications and the various environments,
  • management and storage of test cases, with reusable test assets that grow along with each new version tested.

Test workload and durations independent from the number of test cases.

Illimited number of test executions
(may reach several dozens in a short period of time).

Illimited number of data automatically compared (obtained vs awaited)
(may reach several millions).

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