PTF strengths

The Solution is based on a double expertise Pacbase™ and Cobol.

It takes full advantage of Pacbase™ strengths :

  • the dictionary,
  • the macros.

It transforms the linear Cobol code that is generated by Pacbase™ into tree structure native Cobol code.

It makes maintenance of transformed programs and development of new ones easier :

  • conservation of shared code coming from macros is optimal,
  • structure of migrated programs and of new ones in native Cobol code using the provided development framework are identical,
  • homogeneity of the target application portfolio is guaranteed,
  • the transformation highly improves clarity, readability and maintenability of the source code,
  • it preserves the productivity of the maintenance and development teams,
  • maintenance of migrated applications is ensured without any additional workload.

Integration into the developer’s target workbench is easy.


 Pacbase™ migration process with PTF >