Level 3 Cobol restructuring

Level 3 restructuring of cobol source code


  • the generated Cobol source code is transformed into structured Cobol source code, that is as readable and maintenable as native Cobol source code,
  • high-level replacement of macros by code copybooks, with conservation of their useful parameters,
  • at least 95 % of Pacbase™ programs are automatically migrated without any additional manual modification,
  • deeper regression testing :
    • test of transformation automatisms by sampling,
    • specific test of transformed programs that have been manually modified.
  • possibility to use our testing software RECITAL in order to minimize costs of test cases portfolio creation.

Adaptability to the context

Target code patterns of the transformation are customizable to the client’s context. For instance, hereunder are the various transformation possibilities of a classical O entity : 


Migration of a Pacbase™ O entity


Preferred usage

Evolving applications with a high maintenance and/or evolution rate.


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