Cobol source code restructuring

Pacbase™ generated cobol source code restructuring

The code restructuring process makes use of:

  • Pacbase™ generated Cobol source code,
  • standard Pacbase™ exports, in order to deduct the target-structure: -cd, -cs, -cp, functions / sub-functions / levels.

Pacbase™ generated Cobol source code is restructured at various levels:

  • structure (tree-like structured Cobol): unwanted instructions are replaced (most “go to”),
  • lines of code deriving from macros : these lines are replaced by code copybooks (optimized preservation of shared code),
  • data: data structures are replaced by copybooks using the dictionary.

Resulting source code is as easily maintainable as “native” Cobol code.


There are 3 possible levels of restructuring. They help improving understandability and readibility of the code as well as the maintainability of it.


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