Pacbase™ migration

Pacbase™ status

  • Widely used in France, used in tenths of big companies outside France.
  • maintenance by its editor will stop soon.
  • need to find a replacement solution.

This is the reason why EURAXIEL proposes an industrial solution
for migrating Pacbase™ programs towards native Cobol code:


Advantages of migrating Pacbase™ towards native Cobol code

  • Non-proprietary solution: no dependency upon an editor,
  • moderate migration costs,
  • controlled risks, low level of risk when compared to other solutions,
  • unchanged or lesser CPU consumption depending on the selected migration option,
  • easy adaptation of Pacbase™ developers to Cobol: easier change management,
  • access to a large pool of moderate price workforce (maintenance and future developments,
  • total cost very competitive compared to cost of alternative solutions.


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