Euraxiel Company

Euraxiel SSII Ingénierie et Logiciels

EURAXIEL was founded by the end of 1997 by a group of banking IT professionals.

EURAXIEL is a software and IT services company, that was initially specialized in banking and insurance information systems.

In this market EURAXIEL provides its customers (mainly big companies) with a broad range of services : consultancy, analysis and design, development, maintenance of information systems, … each time EURAXIEL offers its technical as well as its functional know-how.

Having evolved EURAXIEL is now able to address all economic domains that make use of business IT, especially thanks to its software offer : test software, data dictionary, Pacbase™ migration offer (PTF).

From the beginning EURAXIEL has built a relation of mutual confidence with its clients through provision of quality services with a high ROI.

EURAXIEL is a fully independent company, owned by its founders.

IT services

EURAXIEL provides business software analysis, design and developement services – fixed-price or not – and off-the-shelf software packages that improve IT  people productivity. EURAXIEL provides also all necessary assistance.

Business information systems engineering

EURAXIEL is very much used to fixed-price studies and developments.

Fixed-price projects imply a perfect mastering of the software development life-cycle, a high-level standardization of work processes as well as a tight quality control. In this area EURAXIEL shows following results :

  • more than 100 fixed-price projects in 14 years :
    • a dozen > 800 man-days,
    • no failed fixed-price project,
  • call-to-tender winning rate > 80 %,
  • fixed-price projects margin is regularly positive.

Off-the-shelf software packages

Project after project EURAXIEL has developed and improved IT development productivity tools.

EURAXIEL has now transformed its internal software testing tools (covering regression tests) into a fully operational software package and proposes it to its clients under the RECITAL offer.

EURAXIEL has developed a data dictionary.

EURAXIEL proposes a packaged offer in order to stop using Pacbase™ in good conditions : PTF (Program Transformation Factory).

Consultancy and assistance

Thanks to its experienced consultants, EURAXIEL is able to provide consultancy and assistance on technical topics as well as on methods, project management or analysis and design.