Cobol Framework


Productivity of COBOL development and maintenance.

Versatility of applications thanks to:

  • homogeneity of developments,
  • independence of technical and functional layers, that do not follow the same lifecycle.

Norms repository

Catalog of rules and best practices (COBOL and SQL).

Criticity level of rules can be parametrized.

Toolbox for industrialization of developments

Provision of a web application allowing controlled input of:

  • the choice of the standard code skeleton that best suits the development,
  • the description of the global dynamics of the program,
  • the selection of the functions that are useful for the program among those listed in the catalog.

Generation of the structure and of the main functions of a program using the selected elements: for a new program as well as for maintenance of an old one.

Generation of components using the Data Dictionary (eg: physical access subprograms in order to isolate accesses to databases).

Tools for code controlling

Pre-compilation procedure with COBOL and SQL compliance controls (coding rules).

Compilation rejection and edition of an analysis report.

Initial solution to customize

The standard Framework is composed of these norms and tools.

The Framework may be customized (norms, skeletons, generators and controls) with the help of the administration team.