RECITAL V2.8 : mastering test gaps

Having been issued in May the new version of RECITAL testing software is already running on the production site of a major EURAXIEL client and being installed by several others.

The main new functionalities of this version consist of 2 substantial improvements for the tests of applications:

  • a reporting tool, that measures the use of RECITAL by them,
  • a function that helps instructing gaps between forecast and obtained results.

EURAXIEL Framework V2.2 available

This new version of our development software increases the productivity of maintenances as well as of new developments for Cobol applications – especially those resulting from a Pacbase™ migration performed thanks to our solution PTF (Program Transformation Factory).

The new version of EURAXIEL Framework has already been installed on some production sites of our clients. Among others are a great national retail bank and a client  of our Framework who has migrated to an Eclipse workbench that makes use of this new version (that includes an Eclipse plugin).

RECITAL convinces a big French financial group more and more

A new entity of a big French financial group acquires our testing software RECITAL in order to auomate the regression tests of its batch treatments.

Noteworthy is that this acquisition does not follow a POC (Proof Of Concept) phase, as is usually the case, because another entity of the same group already uses this EURAXIEL product on its production site since one year with excellent feedback. The decision to acquire the product was thus quickly taken.

The product will be installed and a pilot project on 2 applications of the Group (including the General Ledger Accounting) will take place during Q1 2018.The rollout on several applications of this entity is planned immediately afterwards.

Progressive diffusion of RECITAL in a big bank

Having installed and parametrized RECITAL software during the summer of 2017, this big French bank uses the functionalities of its comparison engine for a big application modernization project.

It is also planned to show the other functionalities of the testing software during a POC (Proof Of Concept) on a representative subset of the information system.


RECITAL V2.7 – Productivity (still) rising!

RECITAL version 2.7 provides a coupling of the testing software parameterizing functions with some market tools: less workload for parameterizing the test campaigns.

This new version of RECITAL is currently under installation by our clients.


PTF POC for a big public administration

This big French public administration wants to migrate part of its PACBASE™ applications to Cobol code. The POC (Proof Of Concept) will allow it to confirm its migration strategy. The POC is conducted on a set of batch treatments and must be completed at the end of this year.

RECITAL 2.6 now available

This release improves the testing software by adding the automation of some functions that help keeping regression tests in operational condition.

This new version is currently being installed by several customers.


Euraxiel Cobol Framework gets a new version

This major release offers huge innovations and enhancements such as:

  • direct integration of the Framework functions with ECLIPSE (and in particular RDZ™)  through the use of plugins,
  • high increase of development productivity, especially for migrations from PACBASE™ to Cobol code.

RECITAL v2.5 released

A new release of RECITAL testing software is made available once a year.

This 2.5 release allows testing of all kinds of electronic flows: XML, SWIFT, EDIFACT, … be it in batch or asynchronous mode, including all necessary checks (structure, format, values, …)