Regression testing with RECITAL

Test regression following a fully integrated process!

Regression testing is performed at the desired level:

  • Regression testing of a complex batch processing chain of an application comprised of several thousands of components.

Regression tests are executed:

  • Either using test cases inherited from the previous version if the application is already uusing RECITAL,
  • Or using input or captured test cases if the application does not already use RECITAL.

Test cases building through capture is fully automatic

  • On a single or multiple designated environments (often pre-productions).
  • Capture of the data used by the programs to test only.
  • Characteristics of the captured test cases:
    • solid and usable in online and batch reception tests,
    • stables (not impacted by the evolutions of the external context),
    • independent from the availability of the other applications and external data flows.

Test execution using captured test cases is fully automatic

  • RECITAL extracts a copy of the system to test from its native environment and  transfers it into the dedicated area.
  • RECITAL prepares the testing context, performs the test and compares the results using the reference test cases.
  • The number of replays after a first execution is illimited.

Test applications that are not documented

RECITAL can be used even with running applications that are not documented.

Regression testing with RECITAL


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